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BioClean Clearview™ Sterile Singe Use Goggles (BCGS1)


BioClean Clearview Sterile Single Use Goggles are constructed from lightweight ultra-soft PVC,and have an indirect ventilation system to maintain user comfort and reduce the risk of contamination entering the controlled environment. With PPE Cat 2 certification they provide personal protection and can be worn over eye-glasses with ease and feature an optically correct toughened polycarbonate lens with anti-fog and anti-scratch coating for clear vision.


  • Lightweight PVC frame
  • Indirect ventilation system
  • Toughened polycarbonate, anti-fog & anti-scratch lens
  • Non-linting latex-free head band 

Packaging: One piece per sealed Tyvek™/PE inner bag; 10 inner bags per sealed outer Tyvek™/PE bag; six outer bags per lined carton (60 pieces)

QTY: 60 Pieces