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GammaGuard CE® Sleeves, 21.5" Length Tunnelized Elastic on Both Ends


These Sterile Sleeves are made of a comfortable fabric that protects against various liquids and particulates. Each sleeve is individually packaged and sterilized to a 10⁻⁶ sterility assurance level (SAL) preventing workplace contamination and cross-contamination. The low-linting fabric helps reduce the release of unwanted particulates to prevent product damage and workplace contamination. Sleeves are designed with tunnelized elastic, providing a more secure closure and stronger seams. This also eliminates raw edges that can create and release additional particulates. Sleeves are tear-resistant and made in an ISO-certified facility to ensure the highest quality.
100 pairs per case, Universal Size
  • Sterile-Don™ packaging protects against contamination during donning
  • GammaGuard CE® helps keep wearer cooler vs many competitive fabrics
  • Generous 21.5" length provides excellent coverage
  • Meets high manufacturing standards - made in an ISO-certified facility
  • Certificate of sterility included in each case