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Pharma-Surface Guard™ PSG797


2 Step Chemo Cleaning and Neutralizing Application for Chemo spills

Ensure that all spills and routine work surface decontamination of HD’s are safely handled
without causing oxidation on stainless steel surfaces. Pharma-Surface Guard® cleans and
deactivates most chemotherapy drugs and other HDs on work surfaces. Pharma-Surface
Guard® is the first stainless steel cleaner / chemo neutralizer kit made with ISO Class 5
cleanroom wipers making it USP <797> and USP <800> compatible

Size 9” x 9”
Sterility Non-sterile
Packet 1 2% sodium hypochlorite
(cleans up spill)
Packet 2 1% sodium thiosulfate & 0.9%
benzyl alcohol
(deactivates cleaning solution
from 1st wiper)
Packaging 15 Dual Packets / Box
QTY 1 Box